Liam Listens #2: “The Far Meridian” and “Accession”

Whoa! It’s been a week and I’ve listened to a lot more stuff! Here’s some more episodes I really really loved!

The Far Meridian: “The Abandoned Olympian”

The Far Meridian is such a brilliant, beautiful, exploration of self through sound that has been super important to me since it came out. In this exceptional episode, Peri and Benny are taken by the lighthouse to an old gymnasium for the Olympics, and meet the spirit of a former competitor, a runner named Glen. After facing his challenges, Peri releases him where he can continue to run. It was an incredibly awesome and moving moment in the story, because it felt like a release for the character. Live forever as a god, Glen.

What really resonated with me was the exploration of the nature of godhood, and of the way we forget heroes. When the heroes are assembled on the stage of the Olympics, it’s a moment that Glen says he’ll remember forever. I cried when I listened to it. It felt immense and overpowering, but also fleeting and eventually intangible. When I was listening to Glen describe his competition, I felt like I was there, running with him. I could feel my muscles tense, and my adrenaline rise. It’s such a testament to the power of audio storytelling, like I wanted to realize my own godhood. I loved this episode so much! It felt powerful, but also momentary. Another stellar episode from this super brilliant show!

Accession: “1943-Nightlife”

This episode of Accession was as beautiful and insightful as ever. TH Ponders discusses the piece Nightlife, by A.J. Motley, and the ongoing racial and cultural narrative explored by the piece. Ponders gives a fantastic insight into the cultural scene of the 1940’s and prompts a vivid discussion of art as a reflection of race.

The inclusion of Keisha TK Dukes, Conscious, Morgan Givens, and Ronald Young Jr. really heighten the discourse presented, and I don’t think the episode could have been done without them. Having Black narrators and voice actors on this episode was especially important here, as the episode focuses on discussing Black narratives and experiences in America. I especially loved Conscious as James the Bouncer. He interacted really interestingly with both Ponders and the New Yorker, played by Keisha TK Dukes, as he requests that they remove their burdens before entering the the club. He plays an important role in framing and contextualizing Nightlife as well. Being guided through Nightlife by Accession is another amazing, insightful experience and I can’t recommend the show enough. If you love art and learning about art and how it encapsulates and reflects society, listen to Accession!

Gosh, these episodes were brilliant. I felt a lot, and learned a lot too! I can’t wait for next week!

Listen to The Far Meridian:

Listen to Accession:


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