Liam Listens #3: “Greater Boston” and “Radio Drama Revival”

Whoa! It’s time for another lovely couple of listens! This time we’ve got “By Hook Or By Crook” and audio of the Rogue Panel from PodCon!

Greater Boston: “By Hook or By Crook”

I was a bit late to listen to this episode of Greater Boston, but what I had seen on the Podcast Problems Discord had gotten me very excited for the episode. From what I had heard, the enigmatic villain Legion played a large role in the episode and I was eager to discover more about the character. I had heard a lot of appreciation for the role Legion played especially, and had spent the rest of the day hyping myself up for what I was going to hear. What I heard instead completely exceeded my expectations. The Voices of the Legion did like a sort of a riff on the usual opening of Greater Boston, but sounded super duper ominous and terrifying. It was really interesting and exciting, and really told me a lot about the character (…s?), particularly how they try to present and manifest themselves among humanity. I love all the voice actors utilized for the Voices of the Legion as well! It really created a sense of ubiquity and fear in a sort of Corporate style, like an advertisement for an office or something. It really feels like the darkest hour is creeping up on our heroes, even as they discover more about themselves and each other. It’s a darkly thrilling and exciting episode and I can’t wait for what’s next!

Radio Drama Revival: The ROGUE PANEL! From PodCon!

During PodCon, I was fortunate enough to attend the brilliant, stellar, fantastic Rogue Panel,! It was a highly exclusive, elegant, fashion-forward event, and only the coolest, most hoppingest people were permitted to attend! Or maybe all you had to do was get tickets, and all the coolest and most hoppingest people just ended up there anyways for some reason. That might explain why they let me in! I wasn’t even wearing my cummerbund! I don’t even own a cummerbund! What even is a cummerbund? Either way, they let me hang out and sit with all these cool, hopping people who both spoke at and attended! It was a brilliant magical night, on a brilliant magical weekend, and now, by the grace of Radio Drama Revival hosting the recording on their awesome and fantastic show, you all can listen to it too! The speakers on the panels are Ayla Taylor, Mischa Stanton, Bridge Geene, Lisette Alvarez, Jordan Cobb, James Oliva, and Jeffrey Gardner, and every single one of them has insight unmatched into audio drama creation! One of the questions that I found really enlightening and insightful was Bridge’s, which was about dealing with impostor syndrome. It launched a whole discussion about how the others felt about interacting with praise and compliments on their work, among other things, and was really cool! It was a display of understanding and brilliance unmatched as these creators discussed, answered questions, and I for one was thrilled just to bask in the brilliance, and now I’m even more thrilled that everyone can experience it’s amazingness!

Here’s where you can find Greater Boston:

Here’s where you can find Radio Drama Revival:


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