Liam Listens #4: “Unwell” and “Radio Drama Revival”

Ah gosh! It’s another new Lovely Listens, and now I’m thrilled to tell you about some more episodes that I really loved! This time we’ve got the first three episodes new audio fiction Unwell, and another episode of Radio Drama Revival!

Radio Drama Revival: “A Little Yurt Won’t Hurt”

Well, lovely readers, we’re back with me loving another episode of Radio Drama Revival! What a rad run of episodes, huh? I’ve done two back to back! Although I don’t think I’ve ever heard an episode of RDR that I didn’t like. However, this episode is a standout for many reasons. David Rheinstrom, the stellar host, has an incredible, insightful discussion about the evolving field of audio fiction and its changing terminology with the former host of the show Fred Greenhalgh, who is also stellar, but the amazing podcast critics Wil Williams and Elena Fernández-Collins join them in conversation as well! It’s an amazing, interesting conversation with a lot of insight into the field that I think is a must-listen whether you’re new to audio fiction or a veteran in the field! Plus, at the very end, they make a super super exciting announcement with regards to the future of RDR! Obviously I won’t say it here, because spoilers, but nevertheless, I’m thrilled for the show’s future with the announcements made!

Unwell: “Homecoming”, “The Diner” and “The Pageant” 

Ah! What a turn of events! I’m discussing Multiple episodes! Whoa! What a thrilling turn of events! But all these episodes are super brilliant! The story follows a woman named Lillian arriving home to tend to her mother Dottie, who was injured. What has unfolded so far is a story full of conflict, both within and without, as Lillian struggles to acclimatize to her new home and resolve her strained relationship with her mother, the great and hilarious Dottie. Along the way she meets an eclectic cast of characters, such as the nurturing Wes, who takes care of the Fenwood House and her mother, and is quick to point out that the Fenwood House is the most haunted house in Ohio, and Abbie, a firebrand academic determined to use their research to resuscitate small towns across America. Also, there’s ghosts? Like the ghosts of our protagonists past, but also like real imprints of departed spirits? It’s hard to tell where one ends and the others begin, which is the idea I think, and I think that’s really cool! It’s a really great, really interesting story so far, and I can’t recommend it enough! I love it a lot so far, and if you enjoy ghosts stories that aren’t necessarily scary in the conventional, “aaahhhh” sense, but do present questions about the nature of family and one’s past, then I think you’ll love Unwell!



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