Liam Listens #5: “Windfall” and “The 12:37”

Whoops! This one’s a bit later than usual! But I guess it fits with #audiofictionsunday! Today I’ll be looking at two new releases, Windfall and The 12:37!

Windfall: “Bottom Feeder” and “Pickpocket”

Whoa! What a story! What a world! Windfall is sci-fi story in which the native Proximans deal with life under the tyrannical and capricious Queen Wanda. It’s a story that ranges from all echelons of Proximan society, from Captain Root’s dealing with the Queen’s demands and his subsequent machinations, to the bottom dwellers’ banding together amidst the difficulties living in the shadow of the City. It’s such a cool world as well! It’s only two episodes so far, but it’s got me thrilled for whatever comes next!

The 12:37: “Episode 1” and “Episode 2”

The 12:37 is another new show, and a really fascinating and brilliant one at that! A commuter, Nora, while attempting to board the service to Brighton, accidentally boards the 12:37 to Paris. But this is no ordinary 12:37 to Paris. This is a train that traverses the entirety of the universe throughout space and time! It is at once an incredibly broad yet intimate story. Nora is a really enjoyable protagonist to follow, and it’s a really riveting premise! I love trains! And really good character work! And time travel! I can’t wait for everyone to listen to it! The second episode has Nora and Wheeler going to the 1930’s, and it’s super duper cool! 

Sorry for this one being late, but these shows are super worth the wait!


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