Liam’s Listens #11: “Greater Boston” and “The 12:37”

Hi! Whoa! Yeah, it’s been a long time! But I’m back! Sorry it took such a long time, I feel really bad, and now I’ve fallen behind a bit, but everything should work out I think! But now let’s get back into the swing of things!

Greater Boston: “Episode 38: The Voice In Your Head”

Dang. Whoa. Greater Boston’s 3rd season has drawn to a close, and it has done so in the manner that it does all its episodes: amazingly, hilariously, and heartbreakingly! In it, Nica and Dimitri confront each other about their respective failures and current situations. It’s a really real, emotionally raw episode, and it all happens on the Nacho Flume, in typical brilliant Greater Boston style. The conclusion to the episode has got me hecked up as well, as the shadow of the Legion looms over the Red Line. It’s a conclusion at once intensely personal and incredibly thrilling, with exciting ramifications for the future of the show, and I love it a lot!

The 12:37: “San Junipero, Pennsylvania”

Gosh! This was such a sweet and amazing episode! In it, Nora and Val go together into a bowling alley together! But, it’s in the 80’s! It’s a great character episode for both Nora and Val, as they discuss how Nora’s life has changed since catching the 12:37, and the struggles of being queer women, and how shitty men can be. Through it all, they bowl, and grow closer, and I want Nora and Val to be wives as well. It was a very low-key episode, with really excellent development for Nora and Val, and the growth that their relationship undergoes. I’m really excited to see how things continue for the 12:37, especially with the revelations undergone in this episode. Nora and Val have really excellent chemistry, due in no small part to the amazing writing and performances by Nancy Ashcroft as Nora, and Alma Roda-Gil as Val. I’m thrilled for the next episode!

Here’s where you can find Greater Boston:

Here’s where you can find The 12:37:

I’m so glad to be back!

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