Podcasts With Theme Songs that Make Me Dance!

Hi! I love podcasts, but something I love even more than podcasts is a great podcast with music that makes me want to dance! So I’ve decided to write a list of podcast that have theme songs that make me dance as well as be really good! I’m ashamed to admit it, but sometimes I skip theme songs. But I never skip the theme songs for these podcasts!

1. Radio Drama Revival

David Rheinstrom’s soothing dulcet tones and softly armour-piercing questions that force introspection yet guide me down a path to what I feel is a better self, as well as the show introducing me to some of my favourite audio fiction podcasts would be more than enough for me. Instead, it’s got all of that plus a theme song that’s an absolute fucking bop. Every time I hear it, it just gets me moving so well! Like dang! DJ StrangerDanger’s Danger Digi Doo has me going. It’s a great introduction to a great show, and it’s such a blast to listen to.

Here’s where you can listen to Radio Drama Revival: https://www.radiodramarevival.com

Here’s where you can listen to Danger Digi Doo: https://soundcloud.com/sdanger/danger-digi-doo-free-download


Horse is an absolutely hilarious, fascinating show about everything about basketball, except for the wins and losses! Hosts Eric Silver and Mike Schubert have taught me so much about the sport, and what’s surprised me most is how engrossed I am in it! What has me less surprised, (but still kind of surprised? I shouldn’t have been, and yet I was) was how much the theme music had me dancing! I love the upbeat, chiptuney sort of sound, and I always find myself dancing along to the music when it plays during the theme song and the credits! Bettina Campomanes did the composition for Mike Schubert’s other podcast Potterless, but as much as I enjoyed the theme song for that show, I find HORSE’s jam more standout.

Here’s where you can listen to HORSE: https://www.horsehoops.com

3. Janus Descending

Jordan Cobb’s tragic, beautiful space opera has everything you could want. Three-dimensional, fully realized characters in a star-crossed love set on a wildly alien world? Check! A horrific alien entity released to visit death on destruction on humanity! Check! An awesome soundtrack that makes me dance like a space person?! Super duper check! Daryl Banner’s soundtrack for the show makes me take diving steps while I walk as well as perfectly encapsulates the characters and their relationship to each other as I listened to the tragedy of the Aphelion.

Here’s where you can listen to Janus Descending: http://www.janusdescending.libsyn.com

Here’s where you can listen to the Janus Descending soundtrack: https://darylbanner.bandcamp.com/album/janus-descending-original-score

4. Unwell

HartLife NFP’s second major foray into audio fiction tells a story about ghosts where the real ghosts are the friends we made along the way, and I love it a lot. Lily Harper coming to terms with a home she thought she left behind really grips me, and I love all the hilarious, eccentric characters she meets on her return to Mt. Absolom. But what I also love is the theme! It really feels like I’m riding with my horse under the hot desert sun with the ghosts riding with me. Stephen Poon has really created a super hopping, happening, memorable theme that I both walk and run along to every time I hear it!

Here’s where you can listen to Unwell: https://www.unwellpodcast.com

5. Fall of the House of Sunshine

Fall of the House of Sunshine, being a musical, has two whole soundtracks of rad music, as well as a super wild and out there plot that nevertheless manages to totally engage the listener, as well as thrilling character development for a varied cast of characters. Something that I super love, though, is its initial theme song for the first episode. It’s expository, catchy, and I’ve skipped along to it many times! Even in a whole soundtrack of absolute jams, the theme song stands out as an absolute jam as well! That’s a lot of jams!

Here’s where you can listen to Fall of the House of Sunshine: http://www.podmusical.com

Here’s where you can listen to the music: https://podmusical.bandcamp.com

Support the Kickstarter for Season 3: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/podmusical/fall-of-the-house-of-sunsine-season-3

These are, of course, only a few of the many great podcasts with theme songs that slap. I’ll definitely be adding more and making a new list at a different point in time. In the meantime though, what did I miss? What would you have added? What would you have taken off? I’m super available on Twitter to talk to about theme songs in podcasts!

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